Friday, 3 February 2012

The Evoloution of Socks

Socks are a great invention. Who ever it was who though of them must've been a genius. Can you imagine? Dave-The-Caveman... strolling in, massive grin on his face holding up what looks like a furry stomach, turns to his 'cave-mate' William...

Dave-The-Caveman: "Will mate. Guess what I've invented?"

Will: Oh lawd. If it's another one of you're attempts at making 'fire' - which I don't even believe exists - someone WILL die.

Dave-The-Caveman: Nuh uh! These are so much better! You know how when it gets really cold your toes fall off? These stop that from happening so you don't end up like Freddie-no-toes over there. Poor sod.

*Fred hobbles past*

Both: Alright fred?... Yeah?... good mate... good. 
Will: Well DaveCave, these are actually proper decent. What you gonna call them anyhow?

Dave-The-Caveman: I was thinking of calling them the 'Toe-keepers'. It's sophisitcated, smart... what could be better?

*Will starts giggling*

Will: Do you know what we should call them? ... oh.... we couldn't... but... *giggles*

Dave-The-Caveman: Ohhh! that's not faair! you have to tell me now!

Will: Ooo it would be so naughty!... um... well what about *whispers to Dave* ... Cocks? ... Ahahaha!

*both laugh hysterically*

Will: Swear and promise you'll name them that man, or you owe me a club!

*Stacy walks in*

Stacy: What in the name of Thor have you two lunatics got on your feet? DAVID CAVEMAN. Explain yourself!

Dave-The-Caveman: uh they are called erm c*cks...

Stacy: WHAT?! urgh you two make me sick! stupid men... never change... all the work round here! *mutters*

Will: Stace, sis. Calm. what he meant to say was they are called uh... they're called... S..Socks. yeah socks. they stop your toes from falling off and stuff y'know? 

*Stacy looks interested and tries them over*

Dave-The-Caveman: *mouths at Will* COCKS!

And there you have it. A completely honest and 100% accurate re-enactment of the First ever Pair of Socks, along with proof that men literally were always obsessed with their willies. 

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